Toaster Shades hit Mount Osceola

Toaster Shades hit Mount Osceola

Hi everyone. I am Nicole Nigro and the newest member of the Toaster Shades team. With a passion for Toaster Shades, writing, and my buddies Tristan and Mike, I will bring you many social media marketing posts in numerous forms. I plan to take toaster shades on all of my life journeys and share them with the world, one human at a time – starting with you! I love bagging peaks and being in the woods, as well as, traveling the different cities of the world, so I hope to have something for everyone in the Toaster Shades community. For now, I give you Toaster Shades hit Mount Osceola in New Hampshire’s White Mountains.

It was a crisp, cool morning around 6am when I peeled my ass out of bed. It is always good to get up nice and early before you head into the Whites. Living in Nashua makes it only an hour and a half for me drive to the Sandwich Range in Lincoln, but if you are further, wake up earlier. While mapping out your hike, it is just as important to map out the time it will take. It took us two and a half hours to climb up 3.2 miles to the summit of Mt Osceola from Tripoli Road trail head.  I usually do 45 minutes per mile on the way up and 30 minutes her mile on the way back down, as a rule of thumb. Then add in the amount of time you intent to spend at the peak. For our Mt Osceola excursion, we wanted to spend some time up there. We brought a total of 10 beers between the four of us, so, yeah, we were down to settle into this peak and take in the fall foliage for a while.

I have been bagging mad peaks since I got home from living in Ireland four months ago, so I was ready to rock up this mountain quickly and then run back down it. If you are a normal human, like my buddies, you will want to stop along the way and take your time skivvying up the side of Osceola. Always bring a good amount of food while you are hiking in the Whites. Candy is always really good, Cliff/Power Bars, and definitely a sandwich. We all had a good laugh the Bread Tray trails being in the Sandwich Range while we were dreaming of the sandwiches in our bags and foaming at the mouth about 2 hours into our hike.

You have some options on how to climb up and how many peaks you want to hit in one hike. We parked on Tripoli Road, climbed 3.2 miles up, hung out, and came back down the same way. If we wanted to, we could have gone just one mile further past Mt Osceola and hit East Osceola Mountain, another 4,000 footer to check off the list. Instead of dragging my friends along during their first time in the Whites, I decided I would do East Osceola another time. You also have the option to bring two cars and drop one at the beginning of Greely Pond Road and the other at Tripoli road and hike 7 miles through to the other car. Easily google your travel instructions and you will find endless information on the hike to come. I would definitely recommend this hike and if you have not been into the White Mountains yet, you will want to hurry. It is soon to start snowing in the Whites, which will not stop me for a second. Actually, I’m looking forward to it. However, if you don’t plan to buy crampons and brave the elements, I would suggest making some plans for a trip during the coming springtime. I mentioned that it was my friend’s first time in the White Mountains and she has already been hitting me up to head in again. It is addicting because it is just that soul quenching. Hope to see you all there with your toaster shades on and spreading the love!

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