Toasters are individually hand painted sunglasses. If you have a request for a custom order or to remake a sold out pair, please send us a message on our CONTACT  page and we will get in touch with you shortly.


Toaster Shades would not be what it is today without the work of these individuals. Get to know the team that brings you the gear you love.



Tristan is the Founder of Toaster Shades. The business started in Salt Lake City where he made his first pair in 2008 to stand out from all the expensive and unoriginal designs of shades on the market. With the help of his longtime friend, Mike Page, they developed innovative techniques and concepts to captivate the minds of the passionate and art inspired people of the world.



Nicole is the Media and Marketing Specialist of the brand. As a devoted follower of the project, she has improved our outreach and grown the community that makes us stronger. If she’s not out hiking the biggest local mountains, she’s out traveling the world and taking photos with Toaster Shades so she can tell you tips and tricks about her journey on our blog.



Mike is the Co-Founder of the brand. With a well developed background in street art and murals, Mike brings his eye for brilliant design concepts to the shades that captivate our minds. When Mike isn’t making shades, he’s usually off the grid interacting with nature where he finds peace to inspire new ideas for Toaster Shades and push art in new directions to change the world.


If you got some photos showing off your Toasters, we want to see them! Send us your pictures for a chance to be featured on our page and win some free gear!





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Clean water for the world is something we can get behind. Watch this video and help us support a cause that anyone can identify with. Water is not something we should take for granted and we consciously preserve what we can in our own lives. Donate what you can and help save those who have a lot less than you to be an active member of the progress we need in this world. With teamwork we will overcome this obstacle that plagues our generation and possibly our children’s future.